Monthly Archives: August 2012

Four student tutors at Centenary College’s new Writing Collaboratory gather around a painting I sent them in late August. The leadership at this New Jersey school asked for a painting conveying the idea that a lifetime habit of peer-to-peer editing helps us become better writers. I chose to paint identical twins, the picture of consummate peers. Thanks to Dr. Richard Sévère for spearheading this commission.

During the second and third weekends of October, more than 100 visual arts professionals will open our studios to the public throughout Portland. We’ll demonstrate how we mix paint, pose models, weld sculptures, weave fabrics and blend encaustics, and we’ll display all kinds of goodness—including treats for all. Don’t miss this excellent city-wide opportunity.

Portland Open Studios, a nonprofit organization now in its fifteenth year, not only promotes local visual craftspeople (see their page for me here), but it also provides scholarships and apprenticeships to emerging talents. To match operating costs, the group asks everyone who goes on the tour to buy a ticket that comes with a map and guidebook.

Starting September first, Tickets are available throughout Portland at New Seasons markets, Powell’s Books, Muse, Frame Central, Art Media stores and other area businesses. There’s also an iPhone app for everyone savvy enough to go there.

Listen for ads, interviews and more next month on OPB and KINK radio, and look for them in newspapers and magazines around town.