Monthly Archives: December 2013

Exciting holiday news! Making portraits in the coming year just got a little easier for me and sculptor Christopher Wagner. We received word from the Regional Arts & Culture Council (based here in Portland, Oregon) that they’ll fund our 2014 portrait project focused on the relationships between combat veterans and the rest of the community, showing at Good Gallery in November.

The project description goes like this:

As a non-combat veteran working with a civilian and with support from Sen. Wyden’s vets advocate staff, I propose Between Here and There, a two-media portrait project focused on Portland-area military veterans from various backgrounds. Each portrait will consist of a 3×3 foot oil painting and a 4x2x1 foot wood sculpture, done live and simultaneously with a combat vet as the subject. I work as a painter. This collaboration with sculptor Chris Wagner will invite its audience to replace war’s statistics and politics with a focus on human connections. Eschewing the image of vets just off a plane from Iraq, we seek to portray individuals with their own tastes and biases. “Betweenness” matters here. The title calls attention to the gaps between different viewers’ perceptions of vets, and it points out vets’ sense of being partly home and partly still in danger. In Nov. 2014, we’ll pack together a set of 10 portraits (20 pieces total) at Good Gallery, a small space in Portland. The show will be an engrossing salon-style grouping, with audiences standing just inches from the work.