Monthly Archives: August 2015

One of the models for the new show, The Tattooed, takes in some of the paintings at the opening, Thursday, Aug. 27. Thanks to the hundreds of people who came out to Guardino Gallery to celebrate with me and my esteemed colleague, sculptor Christopher Wagner. We had a great time!

Join us here, at Alberta Street’s venerable Guardino Gallery, for a sweet mix of painting and sculpture about tattooed people. As usual, I worked with live models, and I worked with sculptor Christopher Wagner, to make a two-media portrait project. The snacks and revelry will be in full effect at the last Thursday goodness that is Alberta Street in the summer. Carnival!

Also, Chris and I will be talking about the work on Saturday, Sep. 19, at 2pm. Eloquently.

Guardino Gallery, 2939 NE Alberta Street, Portland, Oregon