Monthly Archives: March 2017

2017-01-28 18.35.35

After a wonderful late winter run, our show at Ford Gallery has closed. With “Around Corners,” we installed paintings vertically from the ceiling, making the objectness of these big pictures unavoidable. We saw the backs of paintings, enjoyed their craftsmanship from unusual angles–then we put musicians in a very difficult position.

2017-01-28 19.28.53

Here’s a look at the fun:

2017-01-28 19.17.51

Rachel Mann and her band belted out a tight acoustic set of folk/country fun from inside the installation.

2017-01-28 19.37.11

Then Free Thought Takeover took over:

2017-01-28 20.15.27

An eight-piece hip-hop funk fest distributed itself throughout the space.


Somehow they got their signals set, then hid in the crowd before taking us into the night.

2017-01-28 20.21.30

Good times, people:


Great bass.