“Close Encounters: Extraordinary Lives” at Riversea in Astoria: 10 Jan to 10 Feb

If you’re in the area, please consider joining us for a group show at Riversea Gallery in Astoria. Bringing together a few painters with contracts at the gallery, the director asked us to choose a person whose life is somehow extraordinary and portray an aspect of that person through objects he or she uses or echo an environment that speaks of them.

I chose to reexamine my wife Whitney’s clothes, focusing on the “close” part of the show’s title. Frankly, I expected the other painters would represent lives more obviously extraordinary. But of course her life is amazing! Whit is living in an extraordinary moment for women as a new mother who sports a nose ring and travels across the continent as a government contractor—an excellent representative of today’s many flavors of feminism: professional, punk, maternal and muscular.

The show opens with a reception January 10, with all the wine-and-food happiness we expect at that excellent establishment.

Riversea Gallery, 1160 Commercial Street, Astoria, Oregon

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