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SHARE PDX is a one-day event that takes place every couple months or so here in Portland. The brainchild of Kathleen Lane and Margaret Malone, it brings together artists of many stripes. Each spends two hours making a response to a one-word prompt and then share that work.

I enjoyed learning from our group – an actor, some writers, a few painters, mixed-media folks, a musician – while we all took on the prompt “sneak.”

Join us this Friday, Nov. 24 (the day after Thanksgiving), for Guardino Gallery’s annual Little Things show. My new Rip City carved t-shirt paintings will be there, along with hundreds of other pieces by dozens of painters, sculptors, and the like… all under 7″ x 7″ and priced to sell for the holiday giftings.

From 6pm, Black Friday. 30th and Alberta, NE Portland.

TV’s Portlandia is selling the work that the producers hid like Easter eggs on the show, including two of my paintings:


From the show’s curators: “Portlandia has always depended on local art for set design. It is one of the many factors that contribute to the show’s true authenticity. Over the years we have had much interest in the Portland creative community, and it is now our honor to introduce the talented artists of Portlandia to the show’s biggest fans.”

Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 10.11.18 AM

Go to to see the whole exhibit.

Thanks to Bridget Larrabee, our local Art Scout, for her support.

2017-01-28 18.35.35

After a wonderful late winter run, our show at Ford Gallery has closed. With “Around Corners,” we installed paintings vertically from the ceiling, making the objectness of these big pictures unavoidable. We saw the backs of paintings, enjoyed their craftsmanship from unusual angles–then we put musicians in a very difficult position.

2017-01-28 19.28.53

Here’s a look at the fun:

2017-01-28 19.17.51

Rachel Mann and her band belted out a tight acoustic set of folk/country fun from inside the installation.

2017-01-28 19.37.11

Then Free Thought Takeover took over:

2017-01-28 20.15.27

An eight-piece hip-hop funk fest distributed itself throughout the space.


Somehow they got their signals set, then hid in the crowd before taking us into the night.

2017-01-28 20.21.30

Good times, people:


Great bass.



At Ford Gallery

Opening January 28, 6-10 pm
With special opening night performances by Rachel Mann Band and Free Thought Takeover
Show runs Jan 28 – Feb 25

Around Corners is a maze-like gallery installation that uses the physical heft of paintings to revel in the fact that when we view, we do it moving. Our hearts beat, lungs expand, and our eyes make continuous saccades, seeing not in single points of view, but in paths of attention that add memory and prediction to our sense of an unfolding now. We see with our feet as much as our eyes. How can painting celebrate that?

Since mid-2014, I have been working on several large, highly detailed paintings designed to be hung from the Ford Gallery’s ceiling. Each picture depicts one live model who moved between two poses in the studio—back and forth for months—while I constantly changed my point of view and measured every body part and prop, painting them at exactly life size. I call these canvases documentary motion pictures, and I’ll present them in a way that invites the audience to move, too. We’ll hang the paintings in the middle of the gallery at various angles, using the paintings a bit like shoji, Japanese paper room dividers. To see the full show, viewers will have to move around the paintings’ corners, encountering their material qualities, their heavy wood frames, copper nails and the shadow figures on semi-opaque stretched canvas—a focus on the craftsmanship that makes the image possible.

For the exhibit’s opening, I have invited performing artists Rachel Mann Band and Free Thought Takeover to perform an experiment. On January 28, these two Portland bands will each stage a musical set from inside the installation. The paintings will wall off each performer in his or her own little space, and I look forward to seeing how they choose to play with that problem. In the same way that revealing the backs of the paintings is an invitation to explore craftsmanship itself, I expect breaking up the band spatially might become a powerful way to reveal the band. With choreography and improvisation around and through the installation, Rachel Mann’s dulcet harmonies will set up Free Thought Takeover’s dance-inducing brass funk. To see the performance, the audience will be invited to move around in it, too.

Using the motions people are always doing anyway, we aim to shake up the viewing and listening habits that otherwise go unnoticed on a night out.

About The Performers

Rachel Mann Band

This Portland based singer-songwriter brings a special blend of old-time, country and folk.

Free Thought Takeover has been taking over Portland since March 2015. This lineup is stacked with professional musicians from across the country (New York, Chicago, Honolulu, Boston, Miami) bringing Portland a unique blend of a dynamic horn section, tight rhythm section, and exciting vocal artists.

Free Thought Takeover has taken over venues such as Holocene, Alhambra Theater, Hawthorne Theater, Kelly’s Olympian, Star Theater, Graffitti Fest, Green Valley Music Fest, and many more.

They’ve been setting up stage with local Portland acts such as Glenn Waco, Elton Crey, Speaker Minds, The Sindicate & Dear Drummer, just to name a few.

Free Thought Takeover isn’t just a band name. The group has made notable efforts to enlighten and donate to causes concerning free speech, human rights, and media censorship. Eighty percent of the world does not have access to free press. All the news they read is altered. Free Thought Takeover wants to change that.

We at Rutz are excited to let you know about two solo exhibits. Details soon:

Jupiter Gallery: What Isn’t Staged

Opening Aug. 5; closing Oct. 4, 2016

800 E Burnside, Portland, Oregon


Gay Street Gallery: New Paintings

Opening Oct. 22, 2016; closing Jan. 2, 2017

337 Gay Street, Washington, Virginia

Enjoy a look at my newest gallery affiliation here. The Road Gallery is a New York based business with a great online presence. I’m thrilled to be a part of their latest venture, “The 500 Project.” Everything in said Project is priced below $500. Nice.

Thanks to curator Neil Jacobs for taking me on!

More pictures and an essay on my painting practice are coming soon to the site. So check back…


If you think this photo shows a lame attempt at festivity, you’re right. But starting tomorrow at 4 pm, this space gets fabulous: A full-on Cabaret with some of our city’s best painters’ paintings lining these walls. (I’m told there’s a Cabaret lesson in there. Someone tell me what that means!)

Look for all this goodness upstairs at the Portland Night Market this weekend.

Portland Night Market: 12 and 13 Feb.

100 SE Alder, Portland, Oregon

Parking is terrible there! (Be warned.)

At this event’s first gasp, last November, 15,000 people enjoyed it. Don’t miss out!

Here’s a little piece on our models’ takeaways one year after posing for their portraits. Thanks to the editors at On Patrol: The Magazine of the USO for publishing what I think is an important and little noticed debate among military veterans: What’s our responsibility to our community after we return?

(If the link above doesn’t work, click here and then go to the “Digital Edition” link to the right. You’re looking for pages 12-13.)

In other news: Sadly, my three-year collaborative relationship with sculptor Christopher Wagner is coming to an end. He and his wife have sold their Portland house and are hitting the road on a year-long adventure. Follow that comedy here.