“The Tattooed” at Guardino Gallery, Aug. 27 to Sep. 22

Join us here, at Alberta Street’s venerable Guardino Gallery, for a sweet mix of painting and sculpture about tattooed people. As usual, I worked with live models, and I worked with sculptor Christopher Wagner, to make a two-media portrait project. The snacks and revelry will be in full effect at the last Thursday goodness that is Alberta Street in the summer. Carnival!

Also, Chris and I will be talking about the work on Saturday, Sep. 19, at 2pm. Eloquently.

Guardino Gallery, 2939 NE Alberta Street, Portland, Oregon

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  1. Carol Hewitt

    Greetings from PHOENIX – JUST NOW reading your
    Great scoop in computer on ART SCHAIBLE from St Peter MN, LOVED your every word !! I dated ART all thru high school & into 1960 !! LOVED seeing his ART work !!
    He gave me one of his huge pieces of ART – CATHEDRAL in the DESERT in 1960 !! MY daughter Robin Hewitt lives in PDX – I would LOVE to visit your gallery !!
    SO EXCITING to read YOUR summary!! BIG THX !!

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